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July 8, 2022 4:03 PM

Letter from Jim Faith, Re: Great South Bay Music Festival

I feel the great need to apologize in the sincerest way I can for last nights performance overrun at opening night of the 14th Great South Bay Music Festival. We suffered a series of technical setbacks during the evening that pushed the headlining acts to perform later and ultimately beyond the noise curfew limits. With thousands of fans waiting to hear the bands, the choices in front of me were awful- shut everything down and risk creating an angry scene or keep going and hope the disturbance to the community wasn’t too great. I found myself squarely beneath a rock and a hard place. After consulting with the police and village public safety, I determined it was safer to keep going.
In my 30 years bringing great music to the Shorefront Park and other venues this has never happened before. I respect the rules set before me by the Village and respect the neighbors who live nearby. I believe Great South Bay Music Festival is a small part of the fabric of the Village and it hurts me deeply to have violated the trust developed between us over these many years.
We will be making internal improvements to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again. I am hoping you will accept this explanation and most importantly this apology.


Jim Faith, Executive Producer
Great South Bay Music Festival

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