Energy Efficiency Initiative

Open Blue Pioneer Patchogue a Role Model for Sustainability (PNG)

Moving Toward a More 

Sustainable and Green Future

In 2021 the Village partnered with Johnson Controls on an energy efficiency project. By modernizing equipment and systems and moving to renewable energy sources; the village is on track to save $8.2 million over 25 years with smart environmental solutions. 

Using a special lease purchase contract that is not taxed by the government, the Johnson Controls team delivered:

  • Rooftop solar PV panels

  • Oil to gas conversion assets with new boilers

  • Updated building controls

  • Indoor air quality enhancements

  • Solar carports with EV charging stations

  • Upgraded LED street and baseball field lighting.

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The energy savings project is dollar-neutral, meaning  it comes at no cost to the taxpayer and in fact , it will even bring eventual cost savings. This investment is designed to reduce utility and operational costs, address deferred maintenance costs, leverage utility incentives and rebates, modernize systems, and define and support renewable energy. 

In addition to the resources saved under the TELP contract, the lighting upgrades and EV charging stations generated an additional $27,000 in rebates. These are funds that can be used on other community initiatives, including playgrounds and other amenities. 

As a result the village was the recipient of the Open Blue Pioneer award.  Read more here: