Shorefront Park Living Shoreline and Little Creek Restoration

The Living Shoreline and Litte Creek Restoration Project at Shorefront Park  was recently completed. The project is designed to mitigate flooding  by removal of the bulkhead  which was replaced with a "Living Shoreline" composed of "Rip-rap"  ( large stones and boulders), and native marshland plantings bordered by a concrete esplanade. Little Creek has been re-routed for a more direct path to the bay which will improve flow and mitigate upland water-table issues and flooding. A new kayak launch is located at the western end of the shoreline at the foot of Mascot Dock. The work was  done by Galvin Bros. Construction Company. Galvin Bros.. Design work was done by VHB Architects and Engineers and Quennell, Rothschild and Partners. The project was funded by a private donation,  the New York State Department of State and Suffolk County.  Read more about it in Newsday. Stopping the Surge (PDF)  See the Ground Breaking Video with NYS Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez. Ground Breaking.

Living Shoreline Brochure (JPG)
Shorefront Park (JPEG)
Shorefront Park (JPEG)
Shorefront Park Project Design (PNG)
Little Creek Project Design (PNG)