Parks & Recreation

The Incorporated Village of Patchogue Department of Parks and Recreation is committed to new and innovative leisure programs and activities for the entire community. The diversification of activities shown are offered free or at a nominal fee to village residents and open to non-residents if space is available We are pleased to have the many parks in our community to serve the many activities and to support the programs planned by the department.

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Island Slow-pitch is an adult slow-pitch softball league. They provide teams with the option of participating in all Men's Leagues or CO-ED Leagues. As a Village of Patchogue resident, you could participate in their residential league! This would keep you and your team close to home! Island Slow-pitch and the Village of Patchogue join forces to provide pristine fields and a softball league that will surpass all expectations to all residents of the Village of Patchogue!

For more information please email Mike, call 631-617-6706, or visit the Island Slow-pitch website.