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“A place is not a place until people have been born in it, have grown up in it, lived in it, known it, died in it - have both experienced it and shaped it, as individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities, over more than one generation.  Some are born in their place, some find it, some realize after long searching that the place they left is the one they have been searching for. But whatever their relation to it, it is made a place only by slow accrual, like a coral reef.”

Village Clerk

The Village Clerk is responsible for maintaining custody of the Village seal, books, records, and papers. The Clerk is the official clerk of the Board of Trustees, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals and is responsible for preparing agendas and maintaining an indexed compilation of minutes from the three Boards. The Clerk's Office also maintains a record of all local laws. The Office of the Village Clerk is the primary point of contact when telephoning or coming into Village Hall.

Clerk's Office Fees

Clerk's Office Fees

Marriage Ceremonies

Marriages can be officiated at Village Hall by the Mayor, 631-475-4300, or the Judge, 631-475-2753. Please call to schedule your ceremony or if you have any questions. Please note that your marriage license and $100 cash should be received at least three days prior to the ceremony. THE VILLAGE DOES NOT ISSUE MARRIAGE LICENSES.  You may obtain a New York State Marriage License from the Town of Brookhaven.

Budget Fiscal Year 2023/2024

The  Adopted Budget for Fiscal Year 2023-2024 which begins on June 1, 2023  is available for viewing at the Village Clerk's office or by clicking on the link above.


The Village holds elections every two years on the even years.

The next election will be on March 19, 2024. Independent Nominating Bodies and candidates can contact the Clerk's Office to submit petitions and campaign finance disclosures.  Electronic copies can be submitted by email to Election Email.


Impound Information (PDF)

Village Clerk Forms

  1. Amusement Permit
  1. Birth Certificate
  1. Commercial Noise Permit
  1. Death Certificate
  1. Employment Application
  1. Events Permit
  1. FOIL Request
  1. Garbage Carter Permit
  1. Non-Resident Parking Permit
  1. Pawnbroker Permit
  1. Peddler Permit
  1. Personal Property Sale Permit
  1. Persons with Disabilities
  1. Resident Parking Permit
  1. Storage Unit Permit
  1. Taxi Company Permit
  1. Taxi Driver Permit